How to Use Our Bitcoin Node

~lanlyds Bitcoin Node is Not Currently Operational, but this process should work for any other node that you know of.

(This is not currently working. Will remove this message once this is properly configured.)

  1. While using a desktop computer, open the Urbit Grid home page.

  2. Select the Bitcoin app.

  1. Enter ~lanlyd as your Bitcoin provider.

  1. Next, we will need your ship's Bitcoin XPUB. To find this, navigate to and use your ship's Master Ticket to login.

  1. Click on the dropdown at the top left and select Bitcoin.

  2. Select view XPUB and copy that into the XPUB field in the Urbit Bitcoin app.

  1. Done Note: Sometimes this is buggy and doesn't work properly. If the next time you use the Bitcoin app it asks you for the XPUB again and doesn't load after that, please ask for assistance in the Urbit Community Help chat. ~bitbet-bolbel/urbit-community

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